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Hey everyone!

So I have been writing more inconsistently recently due to hubs and I trying to get prepared for our trip to the Philippines! We are so excited for this mission trip (especially because it will be our first) and getting our passports plus the funds has been taking time.

Our Current Adventure

We will be traveling to Cebu City and going around too few of the surrounding areas. While there we are going to spend two days in each city and then travel on to the next. When we are in each city we will be giving out food, rice and potatoes, to over one thousand people every two days!!! I’m not quite sure of the exact numbers but will update the post once we are back in the states.

RiceIt is amazing to me how many people are in need of what I find myself not worrying about. Rice and potatoes are very easy to get and as I realize how many people will be getting rice and potatoes I have found that I take those items for granted.

I’m excited to be able to help and spread the gospel while over there! Other than giving food we will also be spreading the Word during conferences and praise/worship events. God is good and both hubs and I have already experienced miracles around this trip! Our passports were set to come 2-3 weeks after the initial week that we went to get them and total time only took a week and three days!!!


The Expenses

We are so grateful to the support of everyone that has prayed and given financially for this trip! To date we are over $2,250 and almost have enough for the plane tickets. We will be needing $8,000 for the trip as a whole because we need to cover the flight ($3,000), lodging ($1,000), food ($500), transportation ($1,000), and miscellaneous expenses ($1,000) while in the Philippines. The miscellaneous expenses will cover anything that could happen while there like extra baggage costs, transportation breaking down, or if we (or our team) were to need any medical attention. So that I am completely transparent we also have a buffer zone since we will both be missing three weeks of work. The funds that are needed in order to miss three weeks of work will be $1,500.

By FaithHope, Love, Faith

I have thought about going and how quickly the trip has come around because we have known that we are going for about one month and two weeks. It has been a growing experience for me with patience and faith. While preparing one of the verses that has been shown to me was Hebrews 11:1, which states, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”

I almost fell out of my chair with how right this verse is! We must be confident and trust in what is placed on our hearts and we must have assurance, or to be certain, in what we do not see. God moves in ways that we do not understand and always has our best interests at heart! This was one of many verses I have read on trust, faith, and patience in this last month and a half but has stuck with me the most.

Loving the Journey

Hubs and I are both very much for people. We hurt when others hurt and rejoice when others rejoice. This journey has brought to my attention that I naturally go towards tasks since one of my love languages that I express is acts of service. I am learning balance with acts of service because while performing the service I tend to get focused on the task thus leading to lack of interaction with people (hand to forehead moment).

Any questions about the mission trip to the Philippines? We will be updating our GoFundMe page with where we are in this journey if you would like to check it out here.

Curious about love languages? Check out what Gary Chapman has to say here!

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