God, My Refuge and Strength

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Scripture Reference:

“The Lord is my strength and my defense; he has become my salvation. He is my God, and I will praise him, my father’s God, and I will exalt him.” Exodus 15:2

Application to life:

Exodus shares the story of Moses and in chapter 15 Moses and Miriam are singing praises to God for delivering them out of Egypt. They knew that they would not have been able to survive, or escape, their prison without God. It is important that even during trials to praise the Lord! Exodus 15 shares a wonderful moment when Moses and his sister, Miriam, praise the Lord with singing and dancing.

To exalt the Lord simply means to hold him in high regard. We can do this by showing our gratitude, being humble, helping each other, and declaring Jesus as Lord. We can recognize that God is our strength and defense when we realize that he has control.

A Worshipper’s Word:

As a child I may have been just a bit (actually quite a lot) stubborn. I wanted to do things my way because I knew best. My parents knew differently. A particular time we had gone out to eat and I ordered chicken nuggets. My favorite condiment was mustard and there just happen to be some on the table. I was told that the mustard was spicy (we were at a Korean restaurant) and I would not like it by my mother, father, and grandmother.

Four year old me knew better than that because mustard, being a yellow sauce, could not in fact be spicy. I told my grandma that “only red can be spicy” in a very matter of fact way. She looked at me and said “ok here” giving me the mustard. At the very moment that I tried the mustard I realized that grandma knew best because she was wiser than I. I remember the feeling of my sinuses being cleared out as I took a glob of mustard and put it in my mouth.

Yes, milk was ordered and I may have decided not to try mustard until I was older.

I shared this humorous story from my childhood because, as funny as it is, it taught me a very important lesson. I do not know everything and there are times when I need to listen. God is wise and does actually know everything. On top of creating the universe he loves each of us dearly and wants the best for us. When he says listen it is not to harm us or prolong our journey but because he truly has something worth saying.

Any similar experiences you can remember as a child? What is your favorite way to praise, if you don’t have one, are there any questions on how to praise? As always I love hearing from you and look forward to speaking!

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