How to be Strong

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Scripture Reference:

He gives strength to the weary and increases the power of the weak. Isaiah 40:29

Application to life:

What is actual strength and when do we know that we are displaying it? Our strength is shown most in our moments of weakness. Examples would be when you are to tired to continue what you are doing and you keep going. Or, when you want to stop running but don’t. God does not call those who are qualified to do a job. He qualifies those that he calls.

A Korean saying that I have heard is “Gosaeng kkeute nagi onda” which translates to “at the end of hardship comes happiness.” When we work hard we will be rewarded for our efforts. So when we feel weak and we are worn down we will experience growth because we are becoming stronger. When we are learning something new we don’t know about the topic until after we have studied and are taught.

A Worshipper’s Word:

Throughout the bible there are many examples of when God strengthened the weary and had given power to the weak. Moses stuttered and didn’t have the confidence to speak in public, Joseph was betrayed by his brothers and became a slave, David had a lustful nature, and Job who lost literally everything and found relief in scratching his scabs with a piece of broken pottery…while sitting in ashes.

Now each of these people aren’t remembered simply for the moments that they were lacking. Moses is known for parting the sea, Joseph for saving Egypt, David as a man after God’s heart (Acts 13:22), and Job’s fortunes were restored to double what they were originally.

God will teach us how to be strong and will support us while doing so. The most important piece is to listen and be ready to act when God says. All of these people heard what God told them to do and did it. They listened to God and they responded with action.

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