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My First Journal Review!

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So I will start this off by saying that I probably have multiple journals in every room….and I write in all of them!!

I love writing and actually have a different topic depending on which journal I am writing in. I have created this journal review because there are some key aspects that I like each of my journals to have:

Prayer Journal

  • Thick paper so pen does not bleed over pages
  • Scriptures on each page as I’m writing
  • Leather cover to keep from wear and tear

My current prayer journal is one of my favorites because it is so vibrant and has exactly what I listed above Strength & Dignity Journal, is a blue leather bound with around 200 and over pages. The pages are thick enough that an average pen will not bleed through the pages.

I enjoy keeping my prayer journal separate because there may be times that what I am writing is more private than a regular journal entry so the vibrant color reminds me which journal it is!

Sketch Journal

  • Larger journal
  • Pages don’t smudge easily

I enjoy visual journaling when I run out of words to write. I get in a mood where I want to write but just can’t so I draw. I also like have my drawings bound in a journal because it allows me to go back and look over my drawings and see the story that was created through them. One Sketch a Day: A Visual Journal has a beautifuly bound journal that any artist would love! The pages are sleek and don’t smudge very much. I love the binding on the journal because for someone who is constantly dropping things this journal is perfect!


Writing Journal

  • My favorite verse on the cover
  • Leather cover to keep from wear and tear
  • Smaller than sketch journal

So this one is pretty much my all time favorite because I absolutely LOVE Jeremiah 29:11. It also has verses at the bottom of each page and has a leather cover. What more could I ask for?? The Jeremiah 29:11 Journal  has about 400 pages and is something that you could carry in a bag without feeling the weight of the journal.

I love being able to draw and write and have found that I carry a journal around almost at all times. You never know when, or which, of those amazing ideas will become something so it is super important to write them all down.

Do you have a favorite journal that you write in? What do you look for when choosing a journal?

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