Top Gifts for Her- Valentine’s Gift Review

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Heart shaped tree

So Hubs and I are a little competitive (I may be slightly more competitive) and one way we compete is with gifts. We have certain criteria that we meet each time we “compete.” Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I’m excited to see what Hubs is going to do since it will be hard to top the Transiberian Orchestra that we went to in December. If you haven’t gone it needs to be on the bucket list.

Some may wonder how we are competitive with gift giving and it is not by who can get the best gift (even though the Transiberian Orchestra is kind of my favorite gift he has given) but we compete to see if we can guess what the gift is without clues.

If you’re looking to find a great Valentine’s gift that has a sweet message I would say that these are some top gifts for her this Valentine’s Day.

#1 Jewelry

Heart necklace on rocks

Jewelry is a classic and there are always many unique styles and types that can be bought. I love the jewelry category because it can work as a romantic, family, or a gift to a friend. Some favorite and classic types of gifts in this category include:

Another gift that goes well with jewelry is a trinket dish to hold all the necklaces, earrings, and any small nic-nacs. You can find it here!

#2 Spa and Bath Sets

This section is all me because I love some bath bombs and fuzzy socks! These gifts work as a romantic gift or a gift to a friend. There are many unique sets that you can choose from or you can mix and match. It includes a large amount of products and can also be a filler to other gifts.

I love when Hubs brings fun spa kits home for me! I believe it is important to allow yourself rest and relaxation and I find that, for me, being able to relax in the tub with some fun scents while my skin is being moisturized is quite relaxing.

  • Bath Bomb- Available in many unique smells with different therapeutic properties! They can fizz, turn your bath different colors, or just moisturize your skin as you soak in the tub. Amazon has a set of 24 here.
  • Gift Basket- If bath bombs are fun but you want a little more to give than a wonderful smelling bath then I would suggest a gift basket. There are a variety of sizes and scents that can be found. Most of the gift baskets include shower gel, bath salts, lotion, bubble bath, loofahs and more! One that I found and love is the honey lavender set that includes an essential oil diffuser! Not only can you enjoy a wonderful smelling bubble bath and the fun soap flowers but you also get the calming smell from the diffuser when you get out. Some others that have fun designs can be found below:


#3 SweetsValentine's Gift

A girl’s best friend would be a box of Gourmet French Macaroons. With fun flavors they won’t last through the week. Macaroons are not the only sweets that can be given on Valentine’s Day- chocolates, cookies, and assorted gift sets (they come with pretty much all the things listed plus chocolate) are fun and thoughtful gifts.

I really love holidays. I love the festive feeling and I’d have to say my favorite part is giving to others. As far as the 5 Love Languages goes I would rank high in being a gift giver (which was interesting because I didn’t rank quite as high being a gift receiver). Now I enjoy receiving heart felt gifts but being able to make someone smile is all worth it. We are really able to share happiness when we give and it is so rewarding to make a person’s day!

#4 Wooden SignsWooden Sign

When I read it as a top gift it makes me laugh a little because I know for myself I would be so super happy receiving a wooden sign as a gift. I’ve got them through my house and you can never have to many (put them all out or switch them around with the seasons). They go with many unique styles and are extremely encouraging. I found that I am more like to memorize a verse if I see it on my wall everyday.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Hubs comes up with this Valentine’s Day! Thank you for reading this review and spending time looking around my site! I love chatting and seeing your comments. What types of gifts do you enjoy giving and receiving?

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